Important Questions To Ask Your OBGYN During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and for the first time mom to be it is a time with a lot of questions and concerns. Therefore it is important that you as the new mom to be clarify all doubts and concerns with your midwife or your doctor. There is no doubt that as a new mother you will make lists of questions to check with your health care provider, but make sure to check the following as they are deemed important questions to ask based on recommendations by expert obstetrician norwest private hospital.

Question 1: can I take medicine during my pregnancy?

Most people advice against taking any medication during this timeframe. Some women are even told to eat well and pull through a fever. But there are some instances where you will absolutely need to take some medicine, for eg: if you suffer from asthma or wheezing then chances are you might have to carry on with the medication. Another problem can be heartburn or a severe case of gastritis. However a list of medicine that is acceptable can be provided to you by you OBGYN.

Question 2: can I do my usual exercises?

This is a good question to ask the next time you visit westmead public hospital obstetricians. It is good because staying fit is important for moth mother to be and the baby. Experts also state that it van reduce unnecessary water build-up in the body, which can make you feel bloated and also reduce anxiety and stress. Normally doctors advice stress free exercises such as brisk walking and swimming. Some forms of yoga are also acceptable. However if you are not a regular practitioner of any of these it is best to check with the doctor and identify some activities you can do safely.

Question 3: what if I gain a lot of weight?

Usually pregnant women are likely to gain some weight. There is a healthy level of weight gain even when you are pregnant and the old saying that you have to eat for two is not true. So it is best to check with the doctor who will give you a rough weight range to stay within. This would usually increase gradually from one month to another. The healthy weight level is calculated by taking in to consideration your body mass index before pregnancy. These are some of the most basic questions you must ask. Apart from these, you can also check about the work you can do, vaccinations you must obtain and dietary requirements you must meet.

Physiotherapist Is More Than Just A Doctor

A doctor is someone who has the ability to know about the diseases on which person is going through and has the capability to treat that illness through medication and necessary treatments, doctors has the degree which proves that they have knowledge to deal and recognize any type of illness which a normal person is unaware of. There are so many different doctors who had the best knowledge in their selected area because doctor don’t have all the knowledge of every disease or illness for example; ear doctor has a separate education he can’t be a cardiologist similarly physician deal with normal problems or can identify the problems but can’t know the exact treatment, gynecologist treat pregnancy issues and can operate the patient if required.

These all are the different fields but all of them call doctors in our society but they all are different from each other similarly Melbourne physiotherapist are considered as doctors, but they do more than for being just a doctor, they have the ability to identify the diseases, illness or any injury that might be cause due to any reasons have the possibility to be cured by Physiotherapist, they treat the patient according to the requirement they don’t just give medicines but they make patient do necessary exercises and other precautions which help the patient to quickly recovered. Secondly these doctors don’t sit in the clinics only but they go to the patient homes and provide the sufferer basic exercises, they are angels for the patients who can’t move or won’t be able to visit every day to the clinics , especially to old people who need doctors  but they are too old to move.

Physiotherapist is a doctor who can give a proper concentration to only one patient at a time because once a Physiotherapist visit to the patient house they need to give a certain time to the sufferer without any gap, they visit to the patient and give them proper exercises, they tell the sufferer about the disease in detail and tell them the complete treatments details. They actually do more than being just a doctor because they get involved and make the patient enough comfortable that they agree to let the doctor do what is right for the treatment, secondly they gain the trust and give confidentiality assurance to the families so that they allow them to enter in their house on daily basis, a physiotherapist consist of versatile skills like; interpersonal skills, problem solving, convincing power, polite attitude, high tolerance level these are some great skills which an physiotherapist have and they use on patients to tackle them taking out the patient from diseases.