A Few Weird Spa Treatments

People in our society will do almost anything to look good. This is nothing new. Since the beginning of time men and women have spent so much of time and money in order to control the way other people see them. There are traditional methods to get this done like facials, face creams, face wash and make up. However time has passed and people use the most bizarre techniques in order to look perfect. Some of these methods are absolutely disgusting but it just shows the unimaginable extent that people would go to in order to look good. Here are some of those weird treatments.

Massaging with snakes

This is a remedial massage Brighton Le Sands technique that helps soothe muscle pains and other aches in the body. The snakes used for this massage are non-venomous therefore there are no hazards to worry about there. What they do is they drape the snakes over the body and let them slither along the skin. They use a range of small snakes (milk snakes) and large snakes (king snakes) depending on the soreness of the particular area. A treatment may generally cost you around $70 to $100.

Fish pedicure

This is also another bizarre technique. However as peculiar as it is, it has become one of the most commonly used foot therapies. In some places it has even become a tourist attraction. Most young people flock to get this fish pedicure done for the sole purpose of posting it on Instagram. What happens in this particular treatment is that the fish nibble on the dead skin that is on your feet. I would say that this is a much efficient way of keeping your feet smooth rather than using a pumice stone.


This is a type of body therapy that has been in use for centuries. This is used to reduce prolonged pain and refresh the body. What exactly is cryotherapy? It is also termed as cold therapy. Pain in the body is relieved through generation of low temperatures. These low temperatures are near freezing or freezing temperatures. Masseur offers this “ice” therapy. Before getting this type of a treatment be sure to get checked out for any potential health issues. Exposing yourself to such low temperatures in a matter of a second can take a toll on your body.

Diamond blow out

This treatment is ridiculously expensive. It costs $500 per treatment. The reason for the high price is that diamond dust is infused with the products used in this blow out. The shampoo and the conditioner contain tiny dust particles of diamonds and it is really beautiful to look at. After shampooing the clients’ hair and then conditioning it, the hair is blow dried hence the name blow out.