Ante-natal And Post-natal Care For Woman

Women are vulnerable beings, pregnant woman more than the others. This does not mean they are weak but their bodies will have to go through a lot of changes from birth till death. One of the biggest changes they will face is being pregnant. During pregnancy and after pregnancy, it is vital to make sure that you are taken good care of. When someone is pregnant, it is important to give attention to their bodies and adequate care.

Ante-natal care for pregnant woman

Every woman’s body is different from one another. Therefore, you should make it a point to not compare two pregnant women. You need to understand that there are two types of care in ante-natal care; one is for the pains and other symptoms experienced during pregnancy and the other is preventive steps to make sure the pregnancy and the baby delivery is smooth and natural. It is important to understand that they are interconnected issues and treatment plans mostly include – physiotherapy in Perth instead of medicines. It is important to understand that there are antenatal or prenatal vitamins which are available for pregnant women also sometimes there are medicines given when there is an abnormality found with the baby.

Post-natal care for new mothers

Most people forget the health and the body condition of mothers after child birth. It is true the newborn will need a lot attention and care but the new mother also needs great attention. It is important to make sure that women are given the necessary care and it is important to understand that their body would have changed. You can consult a physiotherapist Perth to help you with the recovery. They will help you in your physical recovery. If you are psychologically feeling exhausted, then it is better to find a psychologist or counsellor and talk to them. These are vital because you body had undergone vital changes in the past few months and this in turn will put a strain on your physical and mental health.In addition to the above mentioned it is important to make sure that physiotherapy during pregnancy or after child birth is monitored. You need to make sure that the physiotherapy or exercise you follow is not making things complicated for you or the baby. It is true regular exercise will help in smooth labour. But, there might also be negative impacts like it will aid and cause foetal distress, pre-term labour or premature birth of baby, abnormal rise in temperature, hypoglycaemia and others. Therefore, if you experience strains like shortness of breath, chest pain or palpitations, symptoms of anxiety, painful uterine contractions, you need to immediately stop the exercise and lie down in a comfortable position and do breathing exercise.