Things To Know About Different Types Of Psychotherapy

If you have done your research into mental health and the available treatments, a key method of treatment that you will come across is psychotherapy. There are different types of psychotherapy that is known to be ideal for different conditions like the anxiety counselling. If you have been diagnosed, before you get these treatments, having an idea of the treatment process, the outcome expected, and all the other information would certainly make you feel much comfortable with the treatments and will be aware what you should expect from the entire procedure. Here are some of the mostly used types of psychotherapy counselling.

Expressing Yourself Through Art

Most of the clients find it hard to express themselves when they are at therapy. One of the best ways to express yourself and to give a clear idea to your therapist of what your issue is, an easy and an effective way is to get treated by art therapy. With this type of therapy, the inner you and the conflicts that you have would be recognised. If you have difficulty in expressing yourself, this is the best method that you undergo. If you are interested this type of there, you should consult a specialized therapist.

Client Centered Therapy

When you are getting client centered therapy, the main focus of the therapy will be you, the client. The direction will be shown to the client whilst the client decides where they go with the therapist. If the client wishes to have minimum involvement of the therapist to the process, this is what you should be a part of. Some of the examples of client centered therapy is Person Centered Therapy (PCT), CCT, Rogerian Therapy. Client Centered Therapy taken a humanistic approach, thus more care and concern will be shown by the professionals when handing the clients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If a client is dealing with dysfunctional thinking patterns and behaviors that is maladaptive, etc., this the best kind of the therapy that they should be given. In CBT, the main focus would be on the thoughts that the client is experiencing instead of the client as a person. Thus, this treatment would be ideal in treating negative emotional, abnormal behavior and other mental conditions.

Existential Therapy

This kind of therapy focuses on the human conditions that the client is dealing with such as freedom, mortality, isolation, etc. This method of therapy also belongs to humanistic approaches and was derived by psychotherapists such as Irvin Yalom by existential philosophy.There are also other types of therapy such as gestalt therapy, psychoanalytic therapy and much more. Conduct some research into these types of therapy, talk to your therapist and choose the ideal therapy for you.